My name is Alex Harper and I am a graphic designer with proven skills in marketing. After completing a Design and Marketing Degree at Otago University, I have been working in design and marketing for five years in both full-time employment and freelance capacity.

I have a broad skill set, allowing myself to tackle a wide range of projects throughout the years, including website building, app and website user-experience design, branding, and marketing material for a variety of companies with emphasis on digital and print solutions.

I am a firm believer in minimalistic design with respect to all modes and media. I aim to utilise this simplistic attitude as much as I can as I feel it is the most effective, user-friendly and captivating approach to design - however, I do pride my design skills and styles on being extremely versatile and flexible. In doing so, I create strong, memorable and effective branding and media efforts for all clients.




Website Design and Development

Marketing and Print Material Design and Implementation


Logo and Branding Development

App Design




Upon Request